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Yes, get Frankie FREE for 3 months.

Don't delay, this is a limited time offer.

Have questions about the FREE 3 Month trial?

These question and answers should help you out.

It’s simple, we’re keen to get customers using Frankie and talking about her benefits.  Giving Frankie away for free for 3 months is our way of getting people to try Frankie with no downside. We want people to understand just how good Frankie is at helping Fashion e-commerce improve conversion rates and grow sales.

Getting started is easy. Fill in your details and we’ll send you a link to install Frankie on your Shopify store.

You can explore how Frankie works for your business with a FREE 3-month trial. No Fees. No commitments. Cancel anytime. Your FREE 3-month trial starts on the day that you install Frankie. Please note, this is a limited time offer and is ONLY available until Frankie is published on the Shopify market place.

You can decide whether you want to keep Frankie then. We offer a Free plan and a Premium plan. At the end of the 3 month free trial, you’ll know which will suit you best.  

You can cancel your Free Trial at any time. There’s no contracts, no commitments, and no cancellation fee. Uninstalling the app will automatically cancel your Free Trial. Before uninstalling the app, we recommend disabling the app first. You can do that from the Settings page in the Frankie app.

Frankie Global Settings

Yes, FREE Support is included in your FREE 3 month trial. Support options are:

Frankie Shopify app chat icon2


Email: support@hiplee.ai
Knowledge articles: www.hiplee.ai/faq-know

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