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AI powered personalization

Frankie is an AI-powered online shop assistant that provides personalized recommendations to your shoppers. Frankie utilizes VisualAI™ Artificial Intelligence that’s optimized for Ecommerce.

200 - 500% better

Good recommendations drive revenue, poor ones don't.

Benchmarking of Frankie’s recommendations indicate they are 200% – 500% more relevant to the shopper than standard solutions.

Frankie’s Artificial Intelligence is world leading AI that’s been optimised for the world of Ecommerce. Frankie has been developed by Hiplee’s in-house team of experts.


Your best staff person

Frankie never gets tired, she never gets grumpy, she never takes a break and she always does her best work. Always. 


Add Frankie to your store via

Custom API

Frankie's personalized recommendations are available via standard APIs. Contact us for more details.

Frankie Shopify App

Frankie is available as an app for Shopify stores. Trial Frankie on your store with a no-obligation FREE 15-day trial.

Seamless integration

Frankie seamlessly integrates into the style, look and feel of your online store. 

dedicated to Ecommerce

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